Water bath formation

▶ We propose to you our WT2-480T Formation Water Bath in PPS, with frames in Stainless Steel 316L, with capacity of 480 batteries type L1-L2 (400 batteries L3 type – 144 batteries B type).
▶ The solution proposed has 24 circuits of max 20 batteries per water bath (suggested rectifiers 360V – 60A).
▶ The Water Bath Formation Advantages are:
Integrated process:
– System for Recirculation and Storage of the water for the cooling of the batteries during formation, with a series of pumps and accumulation tank for water;
– Electrical Panel on-board;
Acid Resistant Structure:
The bath is realized in PPS and the support structure is made in Stainless Steel AISI 316L.
Safety during Formation:
The windows and doors are equipped with micro-switches for safety control, if during the formation the window is open the rectifiers stop sending the current (the working state goes in HALT), by a hardware switch.
Temperature Control: Our system is continuously checking the temperature of the batteries (data coming from rectifiers) during formation and uses the recirculation of cooled water to maintain constant the setup temperature inside the battery during the process (better quality). Water pH Control.
No waste of water: the recirculated water is unloaded on an integrated cooled tank (with cooling coils) and then reused for batteries cooling and fumes treatment.
Motorized conveyor belts inside the water bath for an automatic loading/unloading.

▣ OPTIONAL SCRUBBER ON-BOARD : The proposed water bath is also available with on-board scrubber/cooling tower(WT2-480TAIO All In One version). This optional will permit to have:
• Integrated Aspiration and Fumes treatment system: no connection to an external scrubber needed;
• Integrated system for water cooling: the cooling tower drops the temperature of the water to feed the cooling coils in the water tank. The cooling capacity depends on the specific characteristics of the installation; an external chiller may be also required. The scrubbers should be connected to an exhaust air chimney to exterior. WATER BATH WITH CONVEYOR BELTS – WT2-480T

The Formation baths WT2-480T for flooded batteries, with automatic loading and unloading with conveyor belts, double side completely independent, total capacity up to 480 batteries type L1-L2 (400 batteries L3 type – 144 batteries B type)
The WT2-480T water baths have the following characteristics:
• Main structure in PPS with Frame in Stainless Steel AISI 316L;
• Double side completely independent, each one with capacity up to 240 batteries L2 type .
• Aspiration hood with central collector with regulation valve;
• Two front doors and two rear doors with pneumatic closure, with security valves(to assure there is zero leakage from the bath) in case of lack of compressed air, for battery loading and unloading.
• Lateral transparent doors in PC for operator safety with counterweight, handles for opening on the whole doors length, and safety sensors with by-pass keys.
• Internal motorized conveyor belts in PP for battery movement.
• Pumps in Stainless Steel AISI 316L for water circulation and unloading in the integrated cooled storage water tank.
• Independent water circuits per each side of the water bath, with homogenous flow of water in the bath.
• Water level control with ultrasonic levels.
• Water Temperature and pH control.
• Management of soaking time with formation process start for each circuit. regulated by the software ,The equipment needs the following connections and equipment to work:
1. H2O for formation
2. Chilled H2O
3. Compressed Air (min 6 BAR)
4. Rectifiers
5. Electrical Power
6. Data Network
7. Aspiration and Fumes Treatment System
Motorized conveyor belt Width 300mm, for the batteries loading in the OMI formation equipment, frame in stainless steel AISI 316L, complete with rails in tubular for shuttle guide, rack, and channel in stainless steel for the electrical chain support.
Shuttle for batteries automatic loading into the OMI formation equipment, complete with pneumatic pushing system, blockers, gearbox with auto-breaking motor, encoder and onboard electrical panel.
Includes the electrical chain for the electrical and pneumatic supply.