Building on long scientific and technical experience and thanks to our great partners experiences specially expert Korean engineers with long working experiences in well known Korean and Turkish battery manufacturers, Iranian well known universities, Research and development centers, well equipped laboratories Specialized in the lead acid batteries industry, Well known Iranian car manufacturers, Well known Iranian lead acid battery manufacturers and Iranian and foreign specialized associations related to this industry, SST Co. decided to establish the Lead Acid Battery Research Institute of Science and Technology LABRIST ” with the following Missions and visions. In this field we Equipped the laboratory as lead acid battery prototyping laboratory.

Missions and visions SST Co. Lead Acid Battery Research Institute of Science and Technology is pleased to intends and utilize all its resources to improve our colleagues knowledge to the most advanced international level and help them to solve their problems scientifically and with their development projects.

Future R&D projects We have several R&D projects that the some of them are as below:

  • Production of Carbon structure additives such as Nano tubes (2023)
  • Improvement in Battery Terminals (2023)
  • Production of Tetra Basic Lead Sulfate (2023)
  • Production of Red lead (2023)
  • Intelligent Factory (2024)