Terminal Welding M/C

▣ Machine Information :
▶ After Heat Sealing, battery will be transported to Post Burning process using LPG(or LNG) along with oxygen burning and welding the post and terminal.
▶ Adjustable of welding condition by the flame spinning speed and spinning radius .
▶ Automatic flame ignition, energy saving system.
▶ Highly durable steel structure, easy maintenance, user-friendly touch panel.
▣ Controls :
▶ Mitsubishi Q-Type PLC .
▶ Operation panel – Touch Screen .
▶ Adjustable of welding torch rotating speed & radius.
▣ Standard Features :
▶ Stable Gas Line and Back Fire Protecting function.
▶ Welding die temperature controlled automatically by cooling water circulation.
▶ Adjustable of welding torch rotation speed & radius.
▶ Equipment Stop & Alarm function by Limit Detection when Terminal Mold is not in.
▣ Inspection :
▶ Terminal Height Measuring Device [Optional].
▣ Remark :
▶ Possible to install Automatic Type Change AC Servo Motor [optional].
▶ Lead wire feeder [optional].
▶ Post height measurement unit [optional].