Plate Making Line

This factory production “Dongyue” the white lead machine by the high-quality goods machine, the main engine (ball mill), the positive pressure air blower, the negative pressure air blower, the cyclone separator, the pulse bag type collection dusting equipment, the spiral dust feed device, to return to the dusting equipment the mist dust remover, the electrically controlled cabinet and so on to be composed.
It’s characteristic:
The lead ingot which slivers the slabbing machine sends in directly after the high-quality goods machine the white lead machine, reduced the production cost. The cribble can the self-recovery main engine, strive for To grind to the fine dust once more. Uses the electronic impulse control meter control cloth sack type collection dusting equipment, the production efficiency is high. This factory present production I, II white lead machine, II white lead machine uses the tornado, the filter pocket two-pole to choose the powder collection powder, enhanced the white lead degree of fineness. The main engine provided the integral-type all steel chassis; the installment has been quite convenient. The drum uses Q345 completely (16Mn) the steel plate welding, the intensity is high; the resistance to wear is good. Whole set unit has the structure to be reasonable, the perform reliably, easy to operate, the maintenance and the maintenance, the revolution is steady, durable and so on characteristics, can meet the standard requirements with this machine production’s white lead its technical specification, is one of accumulator Cell profession factory necessary equipment.
-Principle of work:
The pulverizing drum is the white lead machine core part, it is actuates a counter gear by the electric motor after the speed reducer to lead the drum revolution work. In the drum is loaded with the positive pressure wind nozzle. When work, installs along with drum’s rotation in the inside lead collides, the friction to produce the thermal oxidation lead ingot surface mutually quickly to cause it layer upon layer to fall off the powder, the positive pressure air blower provides the oxygen which the lead ingot surface oxidation needs, and blows the white lead , the negative pressure air blower extracts the white lead the drum, proliferates, the separation after the cyclone separator, and after the cloth sack collection dusting equipment adsorption filtration, the white lead is collected lower part the collection dusting equipment, the cribble by returns to the dusting equipment to return to the drum once more ball grinding. The pulse bag type collection dusting equipment, its function is during the filtration is dispersed into atmospheric air, collects the white lead which the white lead cloth sack surface accumulates, the collection process is the injection air current which once more controls depending on the pulse valve, but exposes the white lead on the collection powder plate, by blows the dusting equipment to deliver again to the meal outlet. The mist dust remover is the white lead machine important component ,its principle of work is prevents the harmful dust using the atomization falling dust way to enter in the atmosphere, to protects the environment to play the very important role.
-Major technique parameter :