Pasting Machine

TB390S Double side pasting machine

TB390S double-sided pasting machine is the one which our company’s comprehensive collection of domestic/ users demands , and the successful introduction of the domestic advanced lead acid battery coated plate equipment dedicated production . The entire device includes upper mechanism , hopper , Paste coating mechanism , drenched acid and water mechanism and PLC system.
The surface of the coating plate is smooth , after pasting the plate with full paste and no gap , Weight error control accuracy, The uniformity and stability of the coated grid are guaranteed , It is one of the ideal equipment for coating plate in the process of battery production.
The equipment has won national patent , Patent number : ZL 201020186 7938.

1-The upper part of the grid mechanism :
The mechanism of the grid plate is lengthened, safer operation, The upper mechanism difference can adjustable , adapt to many grid .

2-Host part:
① The host transmission and hopper variable speed all used frequency control , real realization step less speed regulation , with various thickness can be used;
② The host driven roller is over striking ,the paste belt is lengthened to 2050 mm accordingly ,The utility model reduces the phenomenon that the other plate machine is easy to extend the coating strip because of the small diameter of the driven roller and the forming of the blade service life of the coated plate is effectively prolonged a unique quantitative paste mechanism design is adopted and reduce paste waste and production costs.
③ The hopper is designed with double cream, Avoid a phenomenon that paste into the bearing lead coated plate weight, big thickness error and stir paste axis , squeezing roller shaft easy to break ,the utility model effectively solves the problems of high failure rate and difficult maintenance of other plate pasting machines.
④The hopper is used centralized lubrication,

3-Acid leaching mechanism part:
① Acid leaching mechanism and acid contact section are used acid re sistant stainless steel material (including the screws, frame etc.).
② Acid leaching roll shaft we used all shaft design, It avoids the phenomenon that others used semi axle and welding method lead to roll shaft easily broken and corrosion when used a period of time .
③Transition roller of acid leaching part is used special material ,solve the problem of easy stained with paste .The plate is flat and no scratches on the surface.
Grid coating paste uniformity:±0.05mm, Meet the needs of different batches of plates mean deviation is less than a total difference of 1/3.

Device parameter :

Grid paste weight deviation :
coating amount ≤ 300g : ±5g/big .
coating amount ≥300g: ±1.5% /big (Small grids deviation:+/- 1g .)
Grid coating paste uniformity.
Production Efficiency: 80-140pcs/min
Installed Power: 12KW
Source Gas:0.4-0.6MPa
Air Consumption:0.2m3/min
Dimensions( mm) :3875×1350×1910mm
Total Weight( T) : 2.3 T.
Applied Size( mm) :( 220-360) ×( 110-170) ×( 1.2-4.5) mm
Hopper capacity: About 160kg paste