Full Pallets Stack loading
Again this system is identical to the above mentioned system and is realised in a more robust structure with a stronger motorisation of the system .This system is complete with lateral protection carters for the protection of the plates.
The complete system in supplied with all necessary protection carters and electrically closing and blocking doors and inspection ports .The system meets all European Health and Safety directives . Is comolete with all electrical and pueumatical components necessary for a correct and constant operation

Cartesian Palletizer 4 Pallet

Robot Palletizing System

it is designed to move a pair of plates group transferred from plate stacker to pallet automatically .
The pallets will be loaded in a pallet index by forklift and supplied to the placement zone automatically.
A robot will pick the plates group from the plate stacker and place the group in the pallet in designated sequence.
After a pallet is completely full filed with plate groups the pallet will be loaded.
The standard equipment is consisting of:
Empty Pallet index with supplying
Full-filed pallet reject and transportation system
Safety fence

Servo Motor : SIEMENS
Yaskawa Robot
5,800mm(L) , X 5,200mm(W) X 3,500mm(H) , changeable notice and notice (approx)
It is a kind of customizes system according to plant lay-out , pallet type & requirement , so it can be modified accordingly
380 V – 400V , AC 3phase , 50/60 Hz
Compressed Air : 5 ~7 kg/cm2