paste Mixer HGN-1000 Fully Automatic Paste Mixer

It is used for paste mixing during lead-acid battery manufacturing. With PLC and touch screen as controlling center, it can automatically complete the whole process of lead oxide feeding, oxide weighing, acid/water weighing, acid/water supplying, oxide pasting and so on. Each paste mixer includes acid/water/oxide weighing system, as well as weighing rack, main machine tub, paste storage tub, electric control system. It can automatically calculate and control acid/water/oxide feeding, weighing, and discharging by PLC, weight can be preset on touch screen.
Side and bottom tub shall be cooled by cycling water, and the paste temperature shall be kept automatically within the setting range. Inside wall, bottom and scrapper adopts stainless steel, discharging hopper also adopts stainless steel, to keep good quality of paste. It will alarm if something wrong with aid/water/oxide weighing, or exceeding the temperature.
1、Capacity: 1000Kg /batch Oxide Weighing Precision:±0.15%
2、 Acid Weighing Precision:±0.2% Water Weighing Precision:±0.2%
3、 Mixing Time: 30~ 50min( According to paste mixing program)
Dust Collecting System
。It needs to cool down temperature by air suction due to some heat during paste mixing. Thus, few lead oxide and acid fume will flow out, it needs to be treated. 1set paste mixer will use on set dust collecting system. 4000m3/h
Treatment Capacity: 4,000m3/h.
Treatment Method: JPL Spray Dust Collector
Connection Ways between Pollution Source and Equipment: It uses fume hood and round air ducts to connect to equipment, and use flexible connections between blower and equipment.