Hot Melt Dispensing M/C

▣ Machine Information :
▶ This machine is a basic manufacturing equipment recently for the application of expanded plate battery. Main purpose is a prevention of the positive plate growth because the solid hot melt resin restrain the plate growth on the top of cell group.
▶ Highly durable steel structure, equipped hot melt applicator, nozzle, sensor.

▣ Controls
▶ Mitsubishi Q-Type PLC .
▶ Operation panel – Button switch operation box.

▣ Standard Features :
▶ Quantitative injection type of hot melt applicator.
▶ Easily changeable nozzle hole.
▶ Expandable hot melt resin silo tank.
▶ Automatic injection and stop by the limit sensor of cell partition.
▶ 2 nozzles are standard for 1 * 6 layout.
▶ 1 or 2 injectors are applicable and nozzle distance can be changed according to the battery model.

▣ Remark
▶ 3 nozzles with servo motor for 2 * 3 layout battery. [optional]