Fully Auto Pressure Die Casting Machine

-Equipment Parameter
1. Application:
。 Used for production of tubular positive plate with Pb-Sb or Pb-Ca alloy.
2. Composition:
。 Main Machine,Normal Cutting Machine and Mould
2. Cycle Time:
。 Die Casting Machine: 3 cycles/min.
3. Parameter:
。 Spine Length: 280mm—630mm
。 Spine Width: ≤220mm
。 Spine Dia: ≥3.0mm, compatible with spine height(Pls show spine drawing for approval)
6. Machine Painting:
。 PDC Main Machine: White
。 Safety Guard: RAL2009 (Orange)
– PDC Operation
a. Power Supplying:
Power Supply: 380V ± 10%; 50Hz; 3 phase 4 lines
Control Voltage: 24V DC(24V)
Power Consumption: 52KW (PDC)
b. Compressed Air:
Pressure: 5.0-6.0bar
Consumption: 1.4M3/hr
c. Cooling Water
Temp: 20℃-25℃ ,Flow: 5M3/hr, Pressure: 0.2-0.3Mpa
d. Hydraulic System:
Hydraulic Oil: N46 Wear-resistant hydraulic oil
Oil Temp: <55℃
Working Pressure: ≤28MPA
Lead Pump Volume: 432ccm
Injection Pressure: 80-130bar (110bar)
Clamping Pressure: ≤28MPA
Cleanliness: NAS7
-Equipment Parameter
Component Brand List
1. Electrical Parts
PLC: Siemens S7-1200 ,HMI : Kinco MT4403T
Frequency Driver: Siemens
Air Beaker: ABB
Relay: Omron
Motor: Wolon
Limitation Switch : Omron
2. Pneumatic Parts
Valve: SMC
Cylinder: SMC
Pipe and Connector: SMC
3. Hydraulic System
Proportional Valve: Atos
Solenoid Directional Valve: Yuken
Hydraulic System: Yuken
Hydraulic Valve:Yuken
Gauge :Yuken
-Spine Quality Standard:
1. No Burrs
2. 2mm,5% Flash dia not more than 2mm,within 5% of total surface area.
3. <2mm No porous hole at surface,but <2mm area allowed internally at frame only
4. No spine cracks
5. Weight tolerance: ±0.5%
6. Spine Dimension: As customer Signed drawing.