Flash dryer

Option 1

Line Composition:
The oven is heated with hot air produced by a modulating gas burner with a maximum power of 280.000 Kcal/h. The air (14.000 m3/h max) is moved by
means of two 4 Kw open impeller fans, and blown onto both the upper and lower surface of the plates. The two fans work simultaneously; they have the
purpose of directing the air from the burner’s combustion chamber to the air distribution conduit. The upper and lower air distribution conduits are located
along the entire length of the tunnel and are each equipped with a fan. If there is a malfunction or inefficiency in one of the two fans, by means of a forced air channeling system, the tunnel will function even with only one fan by adjusting the speed of the belt. In the final part of the oven, there is a centrifugal fan which has the purpose e of creating negative pressure inside the tunnel. It is equipped with a manual control shutter. The plates are conveyed on a stainless steel AISI 316 grid belt, moved by an inverter-driven gearbox with a variable speed up to 45 m/min.. The consistent tension of the belt is guaranteed by a mechanical idler with oscillating arms which reduce jerking movements to a minimum, thus rendering the movement of the plates smoother. Sturdy, insulated structure equipped with easily accessible inspection doors and easily disassembled panels to facilitate all maintenance operations. Total length of standard oven: 10250 mm, including chain motor head and return. Length of only the tunnel is 9000 mm. Please take note that we can adapt it to your needs if these dimensions are not acceptable. The tunnel is controlled by means of strategically positioned temperature probes and pressure gauges which are interfaced with the electrical cabinet. The electrical cabinet is situated on the side of the oven in an easily accessible place for the operator and it is controlled by a PLC interfaced with the operator’s panel on which it is possible to select all the data necessary for the process.
Utilities required: Methane 40mc/h min 40mbar-max 100mbar (installed)
Minimum air exchange 6000 mc/h (external exhaust)

Option 2