1-Acid fume filter:
Brief introduction:
Formation integrated unit is the professional equipment in plate formation procedure, successively used in hundreds Chinese large and medium-sized battery plant. According to the actual operation situation, we improve further in operability and practicability. With this device, battery formation can be under the condition of full closed operation, and recycling treat the acid mist, modified the working conditions and environmental health of the workers can reach (TJ3679) health standard for design of industrial enterprises stipulated standards and emission standards. Technological process: About acid mist purification, we mostly adopted to forcefree capture method, the waste gas will be pretreated through the double suction duct to acid collector then intercepted and purified in recovered . If user has special requirements, we also can use chemical absorption method: acid mist will be pretreated through acid collector, after chemical absorption through the absorption tower , then discharge.
2-Smoke/Dust filter:
The device structure is designed of composite integral structure. Working principle, first stage is cyclone dust removal; the second stage is filler and filter; the third stage is joint contact purification; the fourth stage is special hydrocyclone separation; the fifth stage is purification process of coke adsorption. Proved by several customer, it has the advantages which others can’t reach and is the most ideal lead smoke purification device.
Main features:
Compact structure, equipment body, fan, acoustic room, spray pump and controller as a organic whole. High purification efficiency, gas discharge after purification is better than the national discharge standard.Reliable operation, easy and convenient maintenance, without any chemical treatment, low operating cost.