Epoxy drying oven


This machine is used to dry the epoxy resin, which is used to seal the battery container and cover of small size 7,9,18,20Ah battery.

Feature :

The recycled air system with high heating efficiency, uniform temperature in the oven can warm up quickly and have a perfect regulating system to exhaust a over temperature warning system, speed of chain is adjustable. Control can be done in different temperature.

Operation :

The batteries are put in the entrance of the oven, which will be sent inside the oven automatically. After drying for 1-2 hours, the oven will send the batteries out automatically.

Precision of temperature : ±2℃
Power Supply: AC380V, 50HZ, 1.5KW.

COS MOLD CLEANING MACHINE Function:this machine is used to clean the COS mold andensure good casting-on-strap.
After each shift production, the mold will become dirty, in order to ensure it to make good casting and demolding, we prefer to clean the mold after every shift. Of course, this depends on the mold production situation.If the COS mold can continually make good casting and demolding for several days, then the mold cleaning can be carried out after two or three days.
Power supply: 3KW
Size (L*W*H) : about 1500*800*2400mm
Weight: about 300KG
Operating process:
Put the COS mold into this machine, and turn on the power to finish the cleaning automatically.