Enveloping & Stacking M/C

Machine Information :
▶ Cutting the rolled separator in a certain length, enveloping the positive plate, grouping the negative plates, then loading the group to the next equipment.
▶ Highly durable structure, fully automatic speed control, automatic Double-plates detecting function with alarm, stopping the equipment, particle extraction for a cleaner working environment .
Controls :
▶ Mitsubishi Q-Type PLC.
▶ Operation Panel -Touch Screen.
▣ Inspection or sensors [optional]:
▶ Unloaded (missed) plate.
▶ Double plates detecting.
▶ Twisted envelop.
▶ Pin hole marker.
▣ Standard Features :
▶ High quality envelope sealing.
▶ Simple adjusting enveloping speed and quantity at a touch screen.
▶ Convenient maintenance by simple design.
▶ Centrally controlled grease input system for driving parts.
▶ Concentration arrangement of dust collecting hood for eco-friendly equipment.
▶ Installed Alignment Device at Buffer Conveyor and improved aligning quality when COS inserting.
▣ Remark :
▶ Possible to equip cell group loading station for COS process. [optional]
▶ Lug brushing unit on the plate feeder. [optional]
▶ Reject station conveyor before interlock conveyor. [optional]