Dry Filling System

Oxide storage device, Auto weight device, Mixer, Auto dry filling machine, Oxide conveyors, Oxide recycling components, dust collector, Control system.
1、 Oxide storage device
1) Main technical parameters:
Lead oxide apparent density: 1.6~1.9g/cm3
Storage capacity: ≥1m3
Total power: 12kw
2) Composition: Lead oxide storage device, Red oxide storage device, oxide screw conveyor, control panel.
3) Features: The oxide loosen rod can loosen the oxide to avoid oxide bumping, the oxide input & output valve is both pneumatic controlling which could control the weight accuracy.
2、 Auto weighing device
1) Technical parameters:
Weight capacity: 200~220kg/time;
Working temp.: -10~+40℃;
Sensor voltage: +5V~+10V;
Sensor sensibility: 0.5mv/v~4mv/v。
2) Composition: Weighing silo, scale, sensor, control system.
3) Features:
The different materials can be weighed as per different technical requires, the sensor is stable and long life with high accuracy. The oxide output silo uses electric magnetic vibration without remaining, the oxide input & output valve is pneumatic mechanism with high accuracy.
3、 Mixer
1) Technical parameters:
Mixer capacity: 200~220kg/time
Mixer total power: 15kw
Mixing time: ≤30min/time
2) Composition : Mixer, Conveyor, Control system.
3) Features:
The mixer can mix the different material equally as per technical requires, the mixer is well sealed with no dead corners, the oxide output valve is pneumatic control with high accuracy.
The conveyor of mixer will transfer the mixed oxide to dry filling machine, all the oxide input and output valves are all pneumatic control.
The mixing time is adjustable with PLC control.
4、 Auto dry filling machine
1) Technical parameter:
Filling capacity: 6pcs/cycle for single dry filling machine
Cycle time: ≤1min/cycle
Filling storage silo: 0.15m3
Vibration amplitude: 0~1.75mm( adjustable)
Hz: 3000times/min
Vibration force: 650 kg
Filling density: 3.0~3.8g/cm3
Single dry filling machine power: 12kw
2) Composition: Metering device, single dry filling machine, filling jig, control system.
3) Features:
Level indicator, oxide metering device and timing function is available. the amplitude of vibration machine can be adjusted as per technical requires , the oxide also can be collected and recycled by dust collector , less pollution and less waste.
5、 Oxide Conveyors and Recycling components.
1) Technical parameters:
Conveyor capacity: 4m3/h
Conveyor total power: 12kw
2) Composition: Screw conveyors*5, lifter, Control system.
3) Feature:
Stable conveying with less trouble and low noise.
Total sealed with less pollution.
PLC control with high accuracy.
Enough capacity with in time supplying.
6、 Dust Collection Device
1) Technical parameters:
Low pressure pulse bag type dust collector;
Filter working area: 50-60 m3;
Wind speed: ≤1.0m/s;
Filter material: Coated needled mate ;
Lead content in filter output can meet national standard;
Air: compressed air;
Pressure: 0.2~0.3Mpa;
Flow rate: 1.2m3/min。
2) Composition:
Conveyor main machine, recycling component, Control system.
3) Features:
Better filter efficiency with low pressure bag type filters.
Recycled pulse controlling.
4)Star valve controls with better sealing.
Recycled screw for collecting .
With exhauster fan for better performance.
The recycled screw conveyor could transfer the oxide back to dry filling machine with less waste.