Cover Heat Sealing M/C

▣ Machine Information :
▶ Fully automatic battery Cover heat sealing machine.
▶ The moving battery is automatically transferred to the heat sealing position by pneumatic device.
▶ The cover will be automatically lifted up and held, the heating platen heats and melts up the battery case upper edge and the lower edge of the Cover. The cover will be held onto the battery case,
▶ Very precise computer control with easily programmable PLC touch panel operation.
▣ Controls :
▶ Mitsubishi Q-Type PLC.
▶ Operation panel – Touch Screen.
▶ Melting Time control.
▶ Temperature controller – Heating Mirror.
▣ Standard Features :
▶ Minimizing shock of equipment by using Shock Absorber at all Air Cylinder parts.
▶ Air Process for relieving shock when Heater Block is Up & Down.
▶ Short sensor function at each Heater.
▶ Air Service Tank is Installed.
▶ Heating Time Setting is possible for each Model.
▣ Remark :
▶ Servo Motor instead of Pneumatic Control. [optional]