C.O.S (cast on strap)

Suitable range of batteries: for small size 7,9,18,20Ah Main technical parameters and characteristics
1, COS process speed: 30-50 seconds/cycle.
2, Power supply, three-phase AC380V, 50 hz. 30 kw (maximum).
3, Air supply: 0.6 MPa compressed air.
4, Lead furnace volume: L600 mm * W560 mm * H350 mm
5, Size: L1600mm*W1500mm*H2480mm
6, Weight: about 1.25
Make casting-on-strap and also cross bridge connection at the same time, because of this, we do not need cross bridge welding machine and can help buyer to reduce investment; Quality is also good and better than the next step of cross bridge welding. All connections are very strong.

COS MOLD CLEANING MACHINE Function:this machine is used to clean the COS mold andensure good casting-on-strap.
After each shift production, the mold will become dirty, in order to ensure it to make good casting and demolding, we prefer to clean the mold after every shift. Of course, this depends on the mold production situation.If the COS mold can continually make good casting and demolding for several days, then the mold cleaning can be carried out after two or three days.
Power supply: 3KW
Size (L*W*H) : about 1500*800*2400mm
Weight: about 300KG
Operating process:
Put the COS mold into this machine, and turn on the power to finish the cleaning automatically.