Ball Milling System

QF500C-12L Full-automatic Ball Milling System Technology Agreement
(mainframe constant power feed control , constant speed)
Introduction: QF500C-12L Full-automatic Ball Milling System use constant power to control the feed of mainframe with high control accuracy. Control system and field instrument use 485 communication with real-time display. The ball milling system use three-points thermometry, section water injection to keep temperature more precise and steady. Main unit adopts weighing way, lead ball is kept with same weight by PLC control , PLC touch screen with fully automatic control, timely displaying operation status & parameters of each unit, and automatically recording, as well as displaying alarming for malfunction and solving the problems. It has high precision control of lead ball quantity, negative-pressure, temperature and so on, and has stable physical & chemical index.
1. Equipment composition and main components configuration of the lead oxide production line :
2. Function of production line
A、 Application:
For lead oxide production,
B、 Technological process:
(1) Storage the lead granular in silo, the lead granular should be separate and 80% above of the lead granular should be shaped approximate cube, weight 90g±10g;
(2) Convey the lead granular to main machine of QF500C-12L ball milling system;
(3) Convey the lead oxide to silo through oxide conveyer and send them into the weight hopper of paste mixer
1、 Apparent density: 1.6~ 1.8g/cm³( 80 mesh screen)
2、 Oxidizability: 72%~ 80%
3、 Output : ≥12/d(The proportion of powder:1.7g/cm³,Oxidizability: 72%
4、 Acid absorption capacity: 200-280( H2SO4) /g(lead oxide
5、 Water absorption capacity: 100-160ml/Kg
6、 Screen analysis: 100mesh, screen residue≤1.5%