ACS(Acid Circulation System) Machine

1. Application: Used for 2V battery formation and charging.
2. Composition: Acid Storage Device, Acid Transportation and Filter, Fume Collect and Purifying Device,Acid Cooling System, Flame Detect Device and Control System
3: Technical Detail.
♦ Recommended Formation Time≤45hrs.
♦The total module is divided into 2 parts with individual control for each module.
♦ System working pressure: 0-2.5Mpa,adjustable and fast reaction.
♦ Different brand of Magnetic drive pump for option,which frequency is continuous adjustable within 20–50Hz.
♦ Machine Material: Improved PP.
♦ All of valve adopts GF or brand of equivalent performance.
♦Good sealing effect , no leakage(Like pipe connector,valve fixing joints or battery plug,etc).
♦ 5500-7000m3/h。
Environment friendly, The acid fume emission could be within the state requirement. Fan Ca pacity: 5500-7000m3/h.
♦No hydrogen explosion.
♦ The equipment is designed with flame detection. The machine will alarm in any case the battery burnt due to poor connection or shortcut or smoke in the workshop. Meanwhile, the machine will stop once alarm.
♦ Good alarm design when machine in trouble and historic record makes it easy to do the trouble shooting and maintenance.
♦System control voltage: 24V.
♦All cable/pipeline is designed with clear cable rooting.
♦The machine noise is in line with environmental standard.
♦ Total Power Consumption: 20Kw.
♦ Machine Overall Size: 10500×2500×4500(mm)
♦Pressure sensor fixed in both front and behind of pump, to ensure the acid inlet pressure and flow rate.
♦To charge 384/400nos 2V battery per machine in 2 separate module with individual control system. The battery connector and plug should be made as battery lid. The good sealing should be at the connector and flexible loading/unloading.
♦ The acid exchange from low gravity to high gravity should be completed in 4hrs. Good quality acid densimeter to ensure the density tolerance ρ±0.003g/cm3 before battery unloading.
♦In formation process, if the ambient temp is ≤40℃, the acid temp in machine should be ≤55℃ only under air cooling condition.
♦ Flow indicator fixed on the acid-inlet pipe to the battery, easy to find the acid flow condition.
♦ The computer control is optional, max connected with 4 sets of machine.
♦ The machine design life is 10 years (Non-durable parts not included)