Acid dilution equipment

Main technical parameters
Harris alloy type
(1)Acid mixing volume 2m³/batch
(2)Mixing time 1.5-2.5 hours/batch
(3)Area of heat exchanger 2㎡
(4)Power K=3KW
(5)Diluted acid density 1.04~1.6g/cm³
(6)Size 2000×1500×2000(H)
(7)Mixing tank
Material:PP Thickness 12mm
(8)Heat exchanger
Nominal heat exchanger area:1.5m2
Concentrated acid storage tank 1 pc
Volume:2 m³
Diluted acid storage tank 2 pcs
Volume:2 m³
Technical specs
1. The Harris alloy system has no leakage for a long time to ensure that the long term use is not replaced.
2. The system has no leakage for a long time running and uses a special PP pure C process, which combines firmly and without cracking. The service life of the whole system is more than 10 years.
3. In order to ensure the long term operation of the pipeline without bending deformation, the pipeline support adopts the form of bridge frame.
4. Acid mixing volume is 2 cubic meters, starting from the acid mixing to the ready acid temperature decreasing to 30 degree, the whole process need 1-2.5 hours. ( when it is tap water with temperature 15 degree : time is about 1 hour in winter and 2.5 hours in summer.
5. This equipment can work 24 hours continuously with stable performance under ambient temperature -15℃-80℃ and relative humidity≤90% 、at rated load. Public technical conditions
a) Power supply:
i. Power supply:AC 380V,50HZ
ii. Total power:3KW
iii. The water supply of heat exchanger coolers:20T/H,the lift is not les s than 25m, and the water temperature is not higher than 30C° ( custo mer prepare).
b) Civil construction conditions
i. The workshop floor require acid-proof glass steel material or the grani te material.
ii. The higher platform/second platform should not be less than 3.2 meters
iii. According to the plan drawing, customer provide drainage ditches, po wer supply, water supply pipe pre buried Process description
Concentrated acid tank and pure water tank are on second platform, and concentrated acid/pure water go inside mixing tank by self flow type, and the acid mixing pump do circulating/cooling according to the process. Before mixing, the concentrated acid and pure water are sent from floor up to second high platform, and are controlled by liquid level. Density checking is manually.
According to acid requirement, make different density diluted acid,and pumped to different diluted acid storage tank. Mixing acid volume:≥2m3/batch,each cycle mixing time(take density of 1.4 for example)≤3h,during mixing process, the inside acid temperature is less than 60 degree. Mixed/diluted acid density range:1.05~1.40g/cm3;mixing acid accuracy: ≤0.005g/cm3