Acid cooling machine

Main technical parameters
1、 Chilling system
Model: PLM
Host: from USA, brand is COPELAND, the most advanced scroll compressor in the world
Oversize: 1950×950×1190mm
Total power: 15KW
2、 Water circulating pump
Model: TD65-30
Performance; flow: Q=65t/h
Power: 380V
Qty: 1 pc
3、 Thermal insulation acid tank
Volume: 5m3
Thickness of insulation layer≥10cm, Polyurethane foam insulation
Inner material: pure PP plate thickness 15mm
External material: pure PP plate thickness 10mm
Oversize: Φ2000×2200
Graphite tube: 30m2
4、 Circulating acid pump
Model: MPH-F-452-V38S1
Power: 1.5KW
Main technical parameters
5. Piping
Material: UPVC
Model: DN65-40
6. Pipe insulation
Thickness of insulation pipe: ≥2cm, Polyurethane foam insulation
Performance and characteristics
1、 Chilling acid performance: in 8 hours ,chill the 5m3 acid in stroage tank to – 10℃( initial acid temperature is 40℃)。
2、 Refrigeration units using the United States Copeland company fully enclosed compressor, cooling system configuration is reasonable, large cooling capacity, less power consumption, reliable operation, long life。
3、 Professional heat exchangers, strong corrosion resistance, high heat exchange efficiency。
4、 Thermal insulation storage tank is made of polypropylene material, and the thermal insulation layer is a polyurethane foam, with unique process, beautiful appearance, good thermal insulation effect。 Inside: high efficient lead shell pipe heat exchanger ,φ35mm ,thickness is 5mm.
5、 All the parts that are in contact with the acid liquid are made of corrosion resistant materials, and no Impurity ion come inside during the whole production。
6、 Electrical control system is stable and reliable, reasonable configuration, the system uses professional refrigeration temperature control instrument, high degree of automation, can realize unmanned operation。
7、 The air cooling and water cooling mode can be adopted according to the requirements of the use environment, high flexibility, compact structure。
8、 The system has the advantages of reasonable design, compact structure, flexible installation and easy operation。
9、 Diluted acid density: 1.20-1.40gcm³; acid chilling capacity: 0.3-0.5m³/h; acid initial temperature is room temperature(25℃-37℃ ,chilled acid temperature is -10℃) ; Thermal insulation efficiency of acid tank: every hour increasing ≤0.5℃。
10、 Compressor design life: 100000 hours, 24 hours running, can use 8 years。
11、 Advantages: all components and electrical refrigeration system are the world famous brand products; the unit design is beautiful; the operation panel of humanization ,operating procedure s and fault condition is intuitive and clear; all units are tested before delivery, installation in buyer’s factory is simple and convenient ,connect water supply pipe and power supply to this system, which can then be put into operation
三、 Machinery list
1、 PLM brand acid chilling machine 1 pc
2、 Water circulating pump 1 pc
3、 Thermal insulation acid tank 5m3 1 pc
4、 Circulating acid pump 1 pc
5、 Piping 1 set
6、 Pipe insulation 1 set
7、 Electrical control cabinet 1 pc