2nd Lid Heat Sealing

▣ Machine Information :
▶ After acid filling process, the cover of the acid inlet has to be heat sealed.
▶ Highly durable structure, high stability of the driving devices. FCD casted heating module minimizes the thermal deformation to a largest extent. Heater is made of 70 series Aluminum. Pneumatic and hydraulic driving is optional. ▣ Controls :
▶ Mitsubishi Q-Type or Siemens.
▶ OP-Touch Screen.
▶ Melting Time control.
▶ Temperature controller-Heating Mirror.
▣ Standard Features :
▶ Minimized shock to equipment by using Shock Absorber at all Air Cylinder parts.
▶ Air process for shock relief while Heater Block is moving up and down.
▶ Short Detecting Function for each Heater is installed.
▶ Air Service tank is installed.
▶ Possible to set heating time per each model.