1st Acid Filling

▣ Machine Information :
▶ The first acid filling process is the first step of the Finishing Assembly Line.
▶ Consisting of acid filling area and acid leveling area. After acid filling and formation,acid dumping should be limited to its minimum extent in order to lower the cost as much as possible.
▶ Material : Steel 316L and PVC with excellent acid resistance. Acid receiving tray is attached underneath the equipment in an attempt to prevent the floor from being polluted by acid.
▣ Controls :
▶ Mitsubishi Q-Type or Siemens PLC
▶ OP-Touch Screen
▶ Filling Timer
▣ Standard Features :
▶ Filling Tool Head Automatic Up/Down System
▶ Air cylinder Material – All sus316L & sus304
▶ Filling Control – Time control
▶ Vacuum Pump Material – PVC
▣ Remark :
▶ Possible to make Level Suction separately.