An Overview of Sarv Sanat Toos Company (SST Co.)

Introduction and work experience of SST Co SST Co. was established in 2002 as a technical and trading company in battery industry. We are supplying raw materials, components, battery manufacturing equipment and technical consultancy for the biggest and well known battery manufacturers in Iran and Turkey. SST Co policy is supplying the best quality products and Services. More than 20 years experience in battery industry made us a professional partner of battery manufacturers. Due to many scientific improvements in the production of Lead acid batteries and the arrival of new generations of these types of batteries according to the needs of different consumers all over the world. Sarv Sanat Toos (SST Co.) as a company in the global arena who knows this improvement very well with interest of excellent communication in this international arena and presence in famous battery conferences and scientific societies in this field, start many setting up, development ,Know How transfer and R&D projects with battery manufacturing companies to improve their quantity and quality in their needed cases. SST Co. expert staffs experience and their ceaseless efforts help them to publish many articles in well known scientific journals and their articles had been chosen for oral presentations in well known battery conference such as LABAT, ELBC and ABC conferences for several times.


Trading Field We are pleased to supply battery components and battery manufacturing machinery for most Iranian and Turkish lead acid battery manufacturers for more than 20 years as below :

  • SLI Lead acid batteries with different production technologies including Grid
  • casting, Expanding line , Punch Line and Con cast Line.
  • VRLA Lead acid batteries including Solar, UPS, Telecommunication and Motorcycle.
  • Optimization of customers products and processes in the field of manufacturing special batteries. for example: Tropical batteries, Taxi, Truck, EFB and …
  • Tubular Batteries, Forklift, Traction batteries, Stationary lead acid batteries.

Production Field In 2017 thanks to SST Co. expert staffs experience and their ceaseless efforts, SST Co. started for localization of some of the battery production components and raw materials.
Some of our products are:
1- Unique, pioneer and high performance battery terminals.
2- High performance cold forge terminal making system.
3- NAM expander.