Acid Pickling System

– Application

Used for lead acid battery positive plate acid pickling process.(After dry filling)

-Main components

1. 1.6m3.2m5.4m
Acid storage tank
Tank diameter 1.6mHeight 3.2mVolume 5M3
2. Recycle water tankTank diameter 1.6mHeight 3.2mVolume 5M3
3. Pure water storage tankTank diameter 1.3mHeight 3.2m .Volume 3.5M3
4. Acid pickling tank 1setL*W*H=5.14×1.74×1.8mAcid volume 4.5M3 .
The buyer should provide the exist positive plate dimension and daily plate outputs to confirm the tank qty.
5. Pump & pipe system
Pump flow 29 cubic /h, lift 20m, power 4kw.
6. Electrical control panel

– Main technical data

1. System pressure0-3bar
. Acid filter tolerance200
. Electromagnetic directional valve control voltageDC24V
. Equipment Power4.5KW

Acid Dilution system

  1. The scope of the making of party B (attached list)
  2. Automatic acid distribiution equepment (Q=2m3/h)(following one set of quantities)