PE Separator

Separator is a component that is used in lead acid battery manufacturing to avoid the plates from short circuit.

Main applications of separator in lead acid battery are:

  • As an electrical and insulation between positive and negative plates in lead acid battery
  • Preventing the passage of particles of active material while creating ionic conductivity between positive and negative plates
  • Provide maximum electrolyte permeability and minimize the displacement of the electrolyte at the same time.
  • Prevent the transfer of antimony ions from positive to negative plate

Advantages on performance :
– Longer life time
– More powerful energy
– High CCA performance

 Advantages on properties :
– High oxidation resistance .
– Low electrical resistance .
– Low skew & Wavy edge .
– Excellent enveloper runnability .
– Reduces sealing defection .

 Applications :
– Automotive
– Trucks
– Buses
– Marines