Hot Melt

رشد صفحه ، به خصوص در صفحه مثبت شایع ترین دلیل معیوب شدن باتری سرب اسیدی بخصوص با تکنولوژی تولید صفحه به روش اکسپند می باشد. جهت کاهش این ایراد از روش پاشیدن هات ملت در قسمت فوقانی دسته صفحه باتری استفاده می گردد ، که این اثر را به مقدار قابل توجهی کاهش میدهد.

 For the longer life of battery is key issue on the market, this products support the longer life of battery from the preventing of plate growth.
Specially, expanded grid needs to apply to extent life cycle.
It is a kind of thermoplastic resin which is a liquid phase in high temperature (operating temperature) and is a solid in the normal temperature.
This grade was designed for not only in the manual dispensing machine, but also in the automatic dispensing machine.
1. Features :
   1) Competitive price and good workability.
   2) Good adhesion under variable adhesion target.
   3) Supplied in 100% solid(not including water & solvent), environment friendly.
   4) Possible to use as recycling adhesion.
   5) Productivity improvement by using applicator.
2. Application :
   For battery (Plastic such as P.E. and P.P. etc.).
3. Properties :
   1) Main Components : APAO(Amorphous – poly – alpha – olefin).
   2) Viscosity : 10,000 ± 1,000 (cps/180℃, Brookfield).
   3) Appearance : Chip.
   4) Color : White.
   5) Melting Point(℃) : 155 ± 5.
   6) Heat Resistance (℃) : More than 110℃.
   7) Cold Resistance (℃) : Less than -20℃.
   8) Heat Stability : Within 15%.
   9) Hardness : 60 ~ 75.
  10) Open Time (sec.) : 8 ~ 12 sec.
  11) Setting Time (sec.) : 3 ~ 5 sec.
  12) Operating Temp. (℃) : 170 ~ 190.
4. Usage :
   1) Heat hot melt adhesive for around 30minutes when starting operation.
   2) Set and use under standard operating temperature.
   3) When the operator stop operating for long time, the temperature should be lowered.
   4) Pot life will be changeable according to material of adhesion target, setting temperature,
pasting thickness of adhesive, temperature of adhesion target and workplace temperature.

5. Remarks :
   1) Adjust/Use the operating temperature(Temperature Inside Tank) at 170℃ ~ 190℃.
   2) Applying quantity will be proper in case the operator can see a little of hot melt after pressing.
   3) In winter time, since open-time is getting short, the operator should increase the machine
       velocity and raise the temperature by using infrared lamp etc.
   4) In summer time, since open-time is getting long, the operator should reduce the machine
      velocity and lower the temperature. And reducing applying quantity will be also effective.
   5) Clean the tank & applying roller once per month and remove carbide.