Flame Arrestor

They prevent electrolytes from spilling while releasing hydrogen generated during the charging process. It is also used to prevent hydrogen explosion caused by the sparks inside the engine.

Flame arrestors (Protector for battery explosion)

Application :
The products are using in ALL OF BATTERY for preventing any explosion that is inserted
in vent cap or cover and lid-cover.
1 Automobile and trucks.
2 Industrial, commercial, marine and recreational vehicles such as golf cars.
3 Universal power-supplies.
4 Backup power devices.
5 Communication systems.
6 Electronic control and switch-gear.
7 Emergency systems.
8 Security systems.
9 Locomotive and mining vehicles.
10 Medical application hardware.

The products are to commonly used in service-free lead-acid batteries function as flame arrestors. They prevent electrolytes from spilling while releasing hydrogen generated during the charging process, pressure equalization vent filters dust while facilitating flow of gas in chambers with heated elements. The vent plug can greatly extend the life of parts such as electric motors and headlight of automobiles. We can meet as your required size such as thickness, width, length.

Features and Benefits :
1 Physical obstruction of electric sparks to prevent explosion.
2 Controlled venting of hydrogen gas for internal pressure relief.
3 Good tolerances and consistent quality for use in automated assembly systems.
4 Polypropylene material available for recycling.
5 Reduction of electrolyte spills.

General standard specification :
1. products procedures are described according to manufactured standard.
2. material is available PP, PP+PE, PE.
3. detect inspection in accordance with manufacturer’s standard.
a. Each product allows up to 2 at 0.5mm^2 small spots or particles .

b. Each product allows up to 2 small at 0.5 mm^2 of the flash .
c. Product uneven surface or side if the product does not exceed the tolerance of this product s cope for qualified products .
d. There are cracks and holes of substandard products (cracks, holes, corner damage loose material to be checked lot by lot .
e. As the raw material in the heating process of contraction protruding or downward depression at the center, this production products can be .
f. Color shall be different shades of white to yellowish white .
g. Random samples per lot or specific quantity to be inspected for tabulation into .
h. Retain some samples per lot or specific quantity for 2 years .
i. products out of the library and the quality standards detailed in the table and table

Standards size :
Square type : 11 x 11 x 3 T mm, 17 x 17 x 3.2 T mm, others .
Round type : 10Ø x 3 mm, 14Ø x 3 mm, 16Ø x 3 mm, 20Ø x 3.20 mm, 30Ø x 3.20 mm, others .
Oval type : L27.6 x W13.1 x T 3.7 mm, others .

Packed export standard carton with liner bags by 4,000pcs, 5,000 pcs, and 10,000 pcs or as your required.

Specification :
1. Thickness              as required
2. Diameter               as required
3. Quadrangle           as required
4. Flow rate              as required
                                (10 ~ 40 mmwc@1 L/min air flow, flow orifice 8 mm diameter)
5. Pore size              100 – 300 micron
6. Acid resistance     less than +/- 5% of net change at 100 hours
7. Materials             PP (polypropylene) or PP+PE(polyethylene) or PE with chemicals
◈ Application of “Indicator/Magic Eye” and “Flame arrestor”