Charger and Discharger

ModelCE03-008GR-T 40A/80A/350V
Battery formation and battery pack charging/discharging and Supplementary electricityGive full consideration to many formation modes and parameters of different types of battery.

This product adopts the international advanced technologyUsing technology of IGBT rectifier + DC/BUS/BARto realize the energy optimization of the charge and dischargeRedundant discharge energy is consumed through top resistance.In terms of control functionthis machine has manual one-step control and also fully Automatic Operation Function of Process ProcedureDuring automatic operationthrough computer to send pre-set charging/discharging program to each circuitor directly set the charging/discharging program in the screen
Each circuit can have automatic control according to process programThe whole operation process can be completed automaticallyIn Manual operationthrough screen keyboard to enter control voltagecurrenttimeController can realize single-step operation.

The charger/discharger by multiple microcomputer control of independent power charge anddischarge circuit of IGBTEach circuit to work independently, there is no influence between each otherMore charge/discharge share after the rectifier DCs/bar power,When the storage battery charging from the DC-bus-bar access to electricity, discharge power back to the DCbus-barElectrical energy utilization can reach 95%Power factor≥0.90the whole machine performance is stable and reliable.

Can be controlled by a computer management at most 480 circuitRealize unmanned and remote monitoringThe charger/discharger machine in the process of running every loop operation parameters real/time display, real/time alarm;Charging with constant current, constant voltage charge, constant exile function such as electricity, let stand, circulation, over/current, over/voltage, cut/off overvoltage, undervoltage, IGBT failure, dc, overload alarm indicator, etc;Each loop work record history logs, power/fail data is automatically saved, electrical automatic recovery power of the state on and continue running,Running history logs can check on computer at any time.

Technical Parameters:
Power supplythree-phase 380V-5%+10% +zero line+ground wire 50Hz
Current control range
1%-100% rated current
Current Control Accuracy
±0.5% rated current
Voltage control range
10%-100% rated voltage
Voltage Control Accuracy
±0.5% rated voltage
Time Control Accuracy
Redundant Power Processing
Resistance Consumption