lead acid battery cover and box

Accumalux Box and MF Lids :

Description :

Advanced Maintenance Free double lid without plugs that features flat surface, welded ramp with double flash arrestors and special labyrinth system fighting against acid exit and allowing electrolyte to rinse back into the cells. The ramp is assembled by simple pressure requiring no additional heat sealing. The lid cannot be disassembled after completion without destruction of the lid .

Technical characteristic :
• Compatible with all DIN boxes .
• built-in flash arrestors and central degassing system in a welded ramp.
• Labyrinth system .
• Flexible exit through central degassing system .
• post protectors .
• Integrated handle .
• second opening for Magic eye available .
• Changeable polarity .

Benefits :
• Final ramp assembly just by pressing it onto the lower lid after formation.
• Flat surface and no visible plugs .
• spill-proof, even in extremely tilted positions of the battery .
• Assembly without double welding .
• high operational safety .
• Universal installation and simple storage .
• safe and easy handling .
• The lid cannot be disassembled after ramp installation .

Application :
– Maintenance Free batteries .
– Automotive OEM/replacement .
– Enhanced Flooded battery (EFb) .